Montejuno S.A.

About Us

Montejuno is an agricultural company with over 20 years of experience, located in Montecalende, Urbino. The company covers about 50 hectares of uncontaminated land, which has not undergone chemical treatments for over 40 years. For some years now, our soils have been fertilised with an algae called Klamath, which enriches them like no other fertiliser.

Name Origin

The name Montejuno derives from the locality Montecalende, which includes the word ‘calende’, referring to the feast of Juno. It is said that the present Catholic church located on a spur was once a temple dedicated to Juno.

Our Products

Thanks to the use of Klamath Algae, our products, including wheat, tomatoes and honey, are nutritionally richer and easier to digest.

1. Wheat: Our wheat, fertilised with Klamath algae, has a gluten content of 8%, consisting mainly of short-chain gluten. This makes it much more digestible and less prone to causing intolerances.

2. Tomatoes: Our tomatoes have a much lower than average acidity rate. Acidity in plants is generally a means of defence, but fertilisation with Klamath algae already provides numerous antioxidant elements, thus reducing the need to produce acidity.

3. Apples and other fruits: Our fruits, cultivated with Klamath algae as fertiliser, are more robust and resistant to insect attacks, without the need for additional chemicals.

Our Goal

Our aim is to produce superfoods rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, while maintaining the traditional taste. We want to offer the opportunity to enjoy healthy, high-quality food that improves overall health.