From Klamath to AphaMax® extract
We have seen how Klamath contains the specific cyanobacterial molecules called phycocyanins, typical blue-green molecules capable of adequately modulating most of the inflammatory processes, physiologically and therefore without side effects. Phycocyanins are, in fact, selective and partial inhibitors of COX-2, which leave COX-1 intact. While COX-1 performs important and beneficial homeostatic functions, COX-2 leads to the production of various eicosanoids (prostaglandins, leukotrienes , thromboxanes) inflammatory, also useful as long as not in excess. The great advantage of AFA-phycocyanins is precisely that of only partially inhibiting COX-2 (around 70%), thus reducing excess inflammation but without compromising the body’s ability to regulate inflammation. This makes phycocyanins a natural and physiological alternative, capable of powerfully assisting the body’s ability to modulate inflammation. Phycocyanins also directly inhibit the enzyme 5-lipoxygenase, and therefore the production of leukotriene B4 (LTB4), responsible in particular for allergic-respiratory symptoms. In AphaMax® extract, the concentration of AFA-phycocyanins passes from a 5-6 % to 25%, with an obviously highly enhanced action, and further supported by additional molecules present in Klamath, such as polyphenols (although the health-promoting power of AFA-phycocyanins is thousands of times higher than that of the main polyphenols such as quercetin ).

Antioxidant anti-lipoperoxidation properties
ORAC test: AFA-PCs are the most powerful antioxidants – The ORAC test is the most commonly accepted test to establish the antioxidant capacity of both food and purified molecules. Well, the AFA-PC was found to be the most powerful of all the purified antioxidant molecules, about 3 times (300%) more active even than the molecules hitherto considered the most powerful ever, i.e. quercetin and catechins. AphaMax®: significantly and rapidly reduces lipoperoxidation Malonildialdehyde, or MDA, is a late product of lipoperoxidation (LPO), that form of oxidation of lipid membranes which, involving practically all cells, has a direct relevance on all the different physiological compartments, from the health of the cardiovascular system, to vision efficiency, from osteoarticular health to that of the nervous system. Well, in several human studies, the AFA-PCs concentrated in the AphaMax® have produced a rapid reduction in plasma MDA, on average by 36-38%, after just 1-2 months of taking the product. This result indicates how the product is able to bring back the levels of cellular oxidation, and therefore inflammation, from a pre-pathological state (the so-called “silent inflammation”, mother of all pathologies) to a physiological statyo (a certain degree of oxidation-infimamation is physiological and useful in the body).

We have seen how phycocyanins are powerful physiological modulators of inflammation, and how AFA-phycocyanins are the most powerful of the known phycocyanins. In vitro data have been confirmed by in vivo studies, both animal and human. At the University of Ferrara, the ability of the AlphaMax® to inhibit the inflammation in guinea pigs generated by the injection of capsaicin (the active ingredient of the chilli pepper) directly into the mucous membranes, in one case of the stomach, in the other of the tract, was tested. urinary: in both cases, the simultaneous intake of AfaMax® inhibited inflammation from 90% to 100%!

AphaMax® has also proven effective in two preliminary human studies:

a) in the first, out of 10 patients who suffered from chronic psoriasis, and who had not responded to any other pharmacological or natural treatment, as many as 9 of the 10 patients reported radical improvements, mostly resolving, taking 3 tablets per day of the product to AphaMax® base (AlgoZym®); b) in the second, 20 female patients suffering from fibromyalgia, and characterized by diffuse pain, fatigue, and stiffness were treated with 2 tablets of the product (AlgoZym®) for a period of 2 months: at the end of the study, despite the low dosage and the short duration, there was a statistically very significant reduction in pain, and stiffness and fatigue were overcome in 2/3 of cases.

Anti-proliferative properties
The antiproliferative capacity of the AphaMax® extract has been tested with positive results on various tumor cell lines. Comparing the effectiveness of AFA-PC with respect to that of Spirulina-PC, in relation to human leukemic cells in culture, it has been seen that while Spirulina PC has a maximum inhibition of 49% even at high dosages (50μM), the AFA-PC are able to inhibit the proliferation of 100% with just 10μL (microliters) of extract. AphaMax® managed to inhibit the replication of leukemic tumor cells in culture by 100% !!! This is obviously preliminary data, but extremely promising for further research!

Additional properties
Recent studies on C-phycocyanin, also present in Klamath and concentrated in AphaMax®, have highlighted further important properties of phycocyanins, especially in the cardiovascular field, an area in which phycocyanins have also shown a specific cardioprotective, anti-atherosclerotic and cholesterol reduction; up to a significant cicatrizing and anti-ulcer action, linked to their ability to stimulate the production and activity of fibroblasts.