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AlgOmega naturally protects the nervous and cardiovascular systems, strengthens vision, and supports the neurological development of the newborn.

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The benefits of algal oil.
The forms of Omega 3 that are directly usable by our bodies are called EPA and DHA. The only original sources of EPA and DHA are the blue-green microalgae contained in plankton, and because 80 percent of the fish consumed are now farmed and eat anything but blue-green microalgae, the Omega 3 content of commonly consumed fish is generally poor.

Algal oil, on the other hand, besides being uncontaminated, is well tolerated by all individuals and is absolutely pure.

The greatest advantage of algal oil is functional: it has a significantly higher titration of DHA than fish oils, which generally have a higher EPA content (most of the cardiovascular, neurological, pregnancy and infant development, vision; etc. benefits come mainly from DHA).

The formulation also contains Klamin® (natural extract from klamath microalgae), which, due to its AFA-phycocyanin content, is one of the most powerful antioxidants known, protecting the algal oil from oxidation both en route and during its metabolization.

Klamin® also contains significant amounts of phenylethylamine, a natural endogenous neuromodulator that regulates mood and enhances memory and attention. Combined with Omega 3, it creates a special synergy that further enhances the effectiveness of the formulation.


  • In cardiovascular problems.
  • For the reduction of triglycerides.
  • During pregnancy and lactation.
  • In problems related to the nervous system.

*Product notified at the Ministry of Health.


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Mode of use

2-3 capsules per day, with meals.


Box/Blister of 60 vegetarian capsules