Product Details

OxyAid® Drops & Spray

Oxygen + zinc supplement with inmediate effect.




It is stabilized active oxygen, ready to be absorbed immediately by the body.
OxyAid® can be taken orally to increase oxygen levels in the blood for up to four hours, while for topical use it acts as a natural bactericide, as well as allowing drinking water to be purified.

Boosted with zinc, the cofactor of as many as 200 enzymes and with high antioxidant and immune capabilities.


  • As an oral oxygen supplement: added to drinking water can increase blood oxygen levels over 24 percent, for more than four hours after intake.
  • Good for sports activity, skiers, climbers, fatigue, stress, air travel, smog, smokers.
  • As a natural bactericide: cuts, burns, bee and insect stings, rashes, etc..
  • As a drinking water purifier: great for purifying water in emergency situations.