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Dermax® Capsule

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Dermax® Capsules is a supplement based on the algal extract AphaMax® useful in combating dermopathies.

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Dermax®, thanks to the patented active ingredients in its formulation (such as AphaMax®), with high anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating properties, can be a useful support in skin problems.
It contains other anti-inflammatory ingredients (Protexil®, Curcumin), and is further strengthened by berberine (anti-inflammatory, antibacterial) and Acidophilus DDS-1, the rebalancing of the bacterial flora being important in skin conditions.


  • In cases of eczema.
  • In case of dermatitis.
  • In case of psoriasis.
  • In case of acne.

For a more complete action we recommend the combination with Dermax® Cream.

*Product notified at the Ministry of Health.