Product Details

Klamath RW® Max

Klamath RW® Max is the only wild superfood and complete, assimilable nutritional supplement from A to Zirconium.




Supplement based on Klamath, a wild superfood with an absolutely unique concentration of nutrients. Most useful in counteracting nutritional deficiencies and oxidative damage caused by unbalanced diets and lifestyles.


  • As a complete, balanced and perfectly assimilable dietary supplement.
  • As a general tonic and ground, energy and mental restorative.
  • As a potent natural antioxidant/anti-aging agent, due to its high concentration of carotenes, and diverse antioxidant molecules, including AFA-phycocyanins.
  • As a supplement rich in numerous nutriceutical molecules (chlorophyll, AFA-phycocyanins, polyphenols, etc.), rich in vitamins including vitamin B12.
  • As a powerful cosmeceutical, capable of rapidly regenerating the beauty of skin, hair and nails.
  • As a powerful natural immunomodulator.

*Product notified at the Ministry of Health.