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From the nutritional richness of microalgae, a multivitamin and multimineral supplement of food derivation, perfectly assimilable! Why take microalgae (Klamath, Spirulina, etc.), When can you have MultiNatural?

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From the nutritional richness of microalgae, a multivitamin and multimineral supplement which is food based, and thus perfectly assimilable!

Why take microalgae (Klamath, Spirulina, etc.) when you can have Multinatural?

MultiNatural: the answer to the collapse of positive nutrition

Dr. Stefano Scoglio, Ph.D.

We are all aware that modern nutrition is generally lacking and unbalanced. There has been a huge increase in negative nutrition, linked to the presence in food of anti-nutritional substances such as pesticides, fertilizers, dyes and preservatives, which place our body under considerable stress. A shift on eating organic foods devoid of such toxic substances would be already an important step.

But even the less polluted foods suffer from the other aspect of today’s nutrition crisis: the collapse of positive nutrition. Due to various factors (soil depletion due to intensive monocultural agriculture, early harvesting for reasons of large distribution, transport, preservation, cooking methods) the foods we eat are increasingly poor in vitamins and minerals. This is the reason for the great success of multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplements in the last decades. But here too there are big problems. The vitamins and minerals used in supplements are generally of synthetic and of inorganic origin, and are not assimilated by our body.

For example, natural vitamin C is ascorbic acid chelated by numerous flavonoids that provide an antioxidant action, and make it more assimilable; Vitamin C supplements are mere ascorbic acid, whose only function is to acidify. If you then go to the minerals used in the supplements, these are of inorganic origin, extracted from rocks and shells, and since we are not ostriches, we cannot assimilate them. It is known that the most prescribed mineral, calcium carbonate extracted from rocks, has a maximum assimilation rate of 4%; and the problem is also what our body does with the 96% that does not assimilate (some believe it is deposited in the joints ).

It is for these reasons that the most careful nutritionists say that the only function of synthetic supplements is to make … your pee more expensive…!

This is why health authorities rightly insist that we need to take minerals and vitamins from a varied and balanced diet. However, we have already seen how the ordinary diet, however varied and balanced (which is already difficult in itself with the rhythms of contemporary life), does not guarantee a sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals due to the collapse of positive nutrition.

For over 20 years, I have been the first to propose the use of Klamath microalgae as a nutrient-dense and assimilable alternative to synthetic supplements. Klamath microalgae has a unique nutritional richness, with a complete spectrum of 14 vitamins (although some, such as vitamin C and E, in small quantities); a rich mineral supply, with some essential minerals such as iron, vanadium, fluorine and molybdenum, present in significant quantities; and above all with

the complete spectrum of trace minerals, all present since Klamath AFA contains as many as 73 minerals, the complete spectrum!

But Klamath is also a source of important nutraceutical molecules, which explain the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunological and neurological effects that can be obtained by taking large amounts of the microalgae. Once these molecules have been identified, scientific research developed in collaboration with various universities and research centers has led me to create and patent two extracts, Klamin® and AphaMax®, which allow us to obtain important nutraceutical results with relatively low quantities, around 1 gram. These extracts are supported by numerous scientific and clinical studies. So then, given the better nutraceutical efficiency of the two extracts, the only function remaining for the whole Klamath microalgae was the nutritional one. And at this point I asked myself: how can we perfect the nutritional richness of Klamath microalgae? The answer I found was to add to Klamath micrialgae a series of plant and fruit extracts which concentrate the vitamins and minerals that are less present in Klamath microalgae, thus creating a true natural, organic, food derived multivitamin and multi mineral supplement. And so MultiNatural was born.


MultiNatural is a patented blend of Klamath microalgae and vegetable and fruit extracts, with specific concentrations of vitamins and minerals. Specifically, the mixture is made up as follows (for each 6 gram portion, in terms of active ingredients):

Klamath RW®Max microalgae

1 gram

Numerous vitamins and minerals

Acerola fruit e.s.

235.29 mg

Natural Vitamin C


200 mg

Source of organic iron

Mixture of extracts from Psidium guajava fruits, Ocimum sanctum herb, Citrus limon pericarpo)

60 mg

Natural B vitamins

Bamboo shoots e.s.

60 mg

Source of organic silicon

Dunaliella salina thallus

53.33 mg

Organic beta-carotene

Ascophyllum nodosum thallus

20 mg

Source of organic iodine

Extract of Brassica Nigra seeds


Source of organic selenium

Extract from vegetable oils

12 mg

Source of natural vitamin E

The nutritional result of this mixture is as follows (nutritional contents per portion):

Nutrient Quantity per serving % daily requirement

4.8 mg


Vitamin A

0.8 mg


Vitamin B1

1.57 mg


Vitamin B2

1.2 mg


Vitamin B3

6.04 mg


Vitamin B5

3.83 mg


Vitamin B6

1.32 mg


Folic acid
(Folate – vitamin B9)

0.082 mg


Vitamin B12

0.0025 mg


Vitamin C

80 mg


Vitamin D

0,005 mg


Vitamin E

12 mg


Vitamin K

0.025 mg



0.04 mg



10 mg



0.9 mg



0.027 mg



0.0268 mg



21 mg

not established


2 mcg.

not established


7.5 mg


Some comments on the table above:

In a single daily dose, Multilateral provides 100% of the daily requirements of Vitamins A, C, E and D, in an organic, assimilable form. Multinatural is certainly the best source of vitamin B complex, with many of these vitamins at levels near or above 100% of the daily requirement: 100% of vitamin B12; 143% of vitamin B1 and 94% of vitamin B6; and important quantities of all the other B vitamins, which are important in their natural and organic synergy. MultiNatural provides relevant quantities of some of the main minerals, such as:

iron – essential for blood quality and health, and many other bodily functions;

organic fluorine – which has nothing to do with the inorganic and toxic one that is used in synthetic supplements and toothpastes; and that is essential fo bone and teeth health.

organic selenium – a main antioxidant mineral

organic silicon – mineral reputed essential for calcium metabolism and for our skeleton health, but for which there is still no set daily requirement).

iodine – MultiNatural provides a small but useful amount of organic and natural iodine; 18% of the daily requirement is enough to help meet the needs of those in need, while is an amount small enough not to generate any problem for hyperthyroid individuals. .

Multinatural also provides the two main insuline-mimetic minerals par excellence, capable of reactivating insulin receptors, and thus improving glycemic metabolism: chromium, in its picolinate form, and vanadium, naturally contained in the Klamath microalgae.
Zinc: we could not find a natural source of zinc, although we intend to continue looking for it. We have nevertheless decided to insert a chelated and thus better metabolized form of inorganic zinc, in the belief that this assimilation is further increased by the fact that it is inserted in a complex matrix such as Klamath microalgae, which provides all the required co- factors necessary for its assimilation.

Finally, it is important to underline how MultiNatural, thanks to its Klamath RW®Max supply, provides a further series of important nutritional molecules:

1) the complete spectrum of all minerals and trace elements, as many as 73;
2) about 100 mg. of AFA-phycocyanins, the natural molecules endowed with the maximum antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power;
3) a high amount of chlorophyll;
4) the whole spectrum of non-pro-vitamin A carotenes (xanthophylls): cantaxanthin, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, lutein and lycopene.

The form of the product, soluble in water or juice and with a pleasant taste, increases the bio- availability, and therefore the effectiveness of the product.

With MultiNatural, in addition to having a perfected Klamath microalgae available, you can finally solve the seemingly insoluble contradiction between a nutrient-poor nutrition on the one hand, and a fake solution made up of synthetic supplements that our body cannot assimilate. And finally, our health can breathe a sigh of relief …